Configuration Options

NEO•ONE compiler configuration options

Configure NEO•ONE for your project.

Config File

An initialized environment will have a .onerc file within the project root.

Example NEO•ONE configuration file

The .onerc configuration file may look something like this:

  "codegen": {
    "language": "typescript",
    "framework": "react",
    "browser":  false
  "paths": {
    "contracts": "one/contracts",
    "generated": "one/generated"


Keys with codegen allow you to configure which language, front-end framework and whether to compile with browser compatibility.

  • language: string = typescript | javascript, Default: typescript
  • framework: string = none | react | vue | angular, Default: none
  • browser: boolean = true | false, Default: false

When "browser" is true NEO-ONE generates pre-bundled browser-compatible code by referencing @neo-one/client-browserify instead of @neo-one/client. Note, this option is intended for use with react-native based frameworks such as Expo which do not allow nodejs builtin modules.


There are two options within path which define where NEO•ONE will look for smart contracts to compile and where it will output generated code.

  • contracts: string - where to find smart contracts to compile. Defaults to one/contracts.
  • generated: string - where generated compiled code will be put. Defaults to one/generated.
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