The NEO•ONE Playground showcases what’s possible with NEO•ONE.

This guide will walk you through getting started with the NEO•ONE Playground.


  • Node >= 8.9.0 (We recommend the latest version)
  • yarn


git clone
cd neo-one-playground
yarn install


yarn neo-one build

This will start up a local network, compile the smart contracts located in the one/contracts directory and publish them to your local network. Add --watch to listen for changes to the smart contracts and trigger automatic recompilation and deployment.

Start the Playground

yarn start

This will open a browser window with the playground. Modify the files in the src directory to get a feel for using the NEO•ONE client APIs.

Run the tests

yarn test

Smart contract tests in the playground are written in Jest and are located in the one/tests directory. Play around with them to see how easy it is to test smart contracts!

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