Introducing NEO•ONE

11/14/2018 by Alex DiCarlo

After a year of development, we are proud to announce the official release of NEO•ONE.

What is NEO•ONE?

NEO•ONE is an end-to-end software development kit for building NEO decentralized applications using TypeScript or JavaScript. NEO•ONE was designed from the ground up to make coding, testing and deploying NEO dapps easy, fast, efficient and enjoyable. The complete framework offers effortless startup and empowers you with tooling every step of the way.

Author idiomatic TypeScript smart contracts that look, feel and work just like a normal TypeScript program.

TypeScript Smart Contracts

Write automated unit tests using familiar testing frameworks like Jest.

Unit Tests

Use the intuitive client APIs to connect and interact with your smart contract on the blockchain, both in your decentralized application as well as your automated tests.

Client APIs

Invoke the NEO•ONE toolchain to setup a local private network, compile and deploy your smart contracts to that network, setup wallets with various NEO and GAS and generate testing utilities and client APIs for interacting with your smart contract - all in one command.


Leverage the NEO•ONE Developer Tools to simplify the process of developing and manually testing a dapp. Immediately run consensus, fast forward the blockchain to a future time, reset the local network to its initial state and use the full wallet implementation, directly from within your dapp during development.

Developer Tools

Learn with NEO•ONE Courses. Experience everything described above, right in your browser, no setup required!


Explore the NEO•ONE documentation, the most comprehensive resource available for developing dapps on NEO.


And all of that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Getting Started

Try NEO•ONE today with NEO•ONE Courses and start working with NEO•ONE directly in your browser. The homepage also contains a full editor where you can try developing a Token smart contract.

Once you’ve had a taste of what’s possible with NEO•ONE, you’ll want to setup your local environment and start building. Learn how in the Environment Setup documentation.


Want to learn more? The Getting Started documentation contains information on the different ways to get started with NEO•ONE, resources on NEO•ONE development and where to get help. Feel like something’s missing? Have questions? Come talk to us on Discord. Like NEO•ONE? Tweet @neo-one-suite and let us know! We’d love to hear from you.


This release is just the start for NEO•ONE. We’re working closely with the NEO Global Development to have a few features implemented in order to enable MainNet compatibility for NEO•ONE TypeScript smart contracts. We also have many projects in the pipeline to further improve the experience - integrated IDE debugger, smart contract patterns library, wallet integrations and more.

Try out NEO•ONE, give feedback and join us on the journey towards making NEO•ONE the most developer friendly framework in all of blockchain.

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