NEO•ONE 2.0 Announcement

10/23/2019 by The NEO•ONE Team

Main Net Ready!

NEO•ONE Smart Contracts are finally ready to hit NEO blockchain! Write, compile, test, and deploy your SmartContracts, all with one easy-to-use framework. NEO•ONE now has everything you need to take your Dapp from idea to production.

What’s New?

  • Deploying and updating your SmartContracts on the blockchain is now simpler than ever. With that said, we want to work closely with the first few users to deploy to the TestNet or MainNet to ensure a smooth, bug-free experience. Please reach out if you are ready and we will quickly work with you to deploy.
  • DAPI Compliance & Remote Accounts to connect directly to trusted wallets and DAPI providers.
  • Tools for working with NEO•ONE in React, Angular, & Vue.

Moving Towards 3.0

As NEO moves towards the much anticipated launch of NEO 3.0, NEO•ONE will continue to provide a first class blockchain development experience. We plan to walk in step with the NEO team to make sure that NEO•ONE and your Smart Contracts are ready to go with NEO 3.0.


Want to learn more? The Getting Started documentation contains information on the different ways to get started with NEO•ONE, resources on NEO•ONE development, and where to get help. You can also head over to our Reference section for detailed API documentation. Feel like something’s missing? Have questions? Come talk to us on Discord. Like NEO•ONE? Tweet @neo-one-suite and let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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