NEO•ONE Preview5 Announcement

3/18/2021 by The NEO•ONE Team

NEO•ONE Preview5 Node

We are excited to announce our latest release of NEO•ONE. For this release we have targeted Preview5, the latest stable release of the N3 protocol currently under development. This release focuses on our node implementation as we are still working on getting our client and compiler packages up-to-date with the latest N3 releases.

There is currently a NEO•ONE Preview5 node deployed at

To build and run the node from source follow the documentation here.

To get started with NEO•ONE you can install our node executable package from NPM with yarn add @neo-one/node-bin@alpha or yarn add @neo-one/node-bin@3.1.1-preview5. To run it run npx neo-one-node --config <path/to/config.json> where <path/to/config> is the full path to a valid node config file. For more information on node configuration see here.

Further Work

There is still a lot of work to do to get NEO•ONE ready for N3. We are now working on getting our node, client, and compiler packages up-to-date with the latest N3 TestNet release.


Look out for the upcoming releases that will include node, client, and compiler compatibility with N3 TestNet.

Questions or concerns? Feel free to reach out to us on GitHub or Twitter

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