NEO•ONE 2.7 Announcement

7/23/2020 by The NEO•ONE Team


We are excited to announce our latest release of NEO•ONE. For this release we have been focused on cleaning up bugs, adding new compiler features, expanding documentation, and preparing for future versions of NEO•ONE as we draw closer to the Neo3 release.

To get started with NEO•ONE you can install our CLI with yarn add @neo-one/cli


Starting with NEO•ONE 2.7 you will be able to output your compiled smart contract to various format types as well as generate debug information as per the spec listed here. We hope this will give our users more freedom in the end-to-end tooling they choose to use for developing their smart contracts. To get started with testing these new features you can use:

yarn add @neo-one/cli
yarn neo-one init
yarn neo-one compile --json --avm --debug --opcodes

For more information on how to enable AVM / debug generation use

yarn neo-one compile --help

or see the pull request.

Further Work

While we have added the ability to output our compiled smart contracts as .debug and .avm files there is still work to be done to integrate these features with other tooling, like the Neo Blockchain Toolkit. See the PR linked above or visit the new issue page here for more information. Also be sure to check out our documentation on building from source if you would like to help contribute to the project!

Typescript Updates

In continuing with our efforts to keep NEO•ONE up to date with Typescript we have updated the project to use TypeScript version 3.9.5. While there aren’t as many new features available in the compiler as our last update we want to keep our feature set as familiar to new developers as we can, especially as we gear up for Neo3.


We’ve added several new sections of documentation to the website:

Stumped on something and can’t find documentation for it? Feel free to submit a new issue to request it!

Bug Fixes / Feature Changes

In NEO•ONE 2.7 several bugs have been fixed and features have been updated. You can see all the changes listed below.


NEO•ONE 2.7 will be the last milestone release for NEO•ONE 2.x, while small bug fixes and integration fixes (like will continue to be released on the 2.x version our work will primarily focus on updating NEO•ONE to be compatible with the Neo3 protocol. Look out for the upcoming releases that will include Neo3 Preview, TestNet and MainNet compatibility.

Questions or concerns? Feel free to reach out to us on GitHub or Twitter

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